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Discover our truffles

Whether you are looking for a special treat for yourself or as a gift



White chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell with pistachio pieces.

 We use white chocolate for the ganache of our pistachio truffle, so that the taste of our homemade pistachio paste is not overpowered. 


A filling with artisanal hazelnut praline made from organic nuts and milk chocolate. 


Dark chocolate

Our dark chocolate truffles are filled with a dark chocolate ganache to which honey and fleur de sel have been added. This subtle combination, together with the coating of cocoa powder, brings a delicious balance that every chocolate lover must try


For our caramel chocolate truffles we wanted to get the perfect bite by making a ganache with a perfect amount of milk chocolate and caramel. As a result, this truffle is not sticky and hard on the inside, but nice and creamy. And with this perfect bite,  fresh vanilla is therefore not missing

koffie truffels

Koffie en pure chocolade 

Pure chocolade truffel met koffie ganache en donker geroosterd cacaopoeder die zorgt voor een aangename bitterheid.

Less packaging more chocolate

We like to keep our packaging as simple as possible.

Less waste more fun!

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